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My friend came over 6 months and the Navy to his farewell party we all went to his house a grill and a auntmia drink. His mother, sister and some of his relatives, where it all started drinking and playing silly games. Now I have always had a thing her mother when she is very sexy 45 years old and is divorced. And at night my friend went to bed was gone when he could barely walk, so just me and her mother sat down and drank red wine and watch TV until late at night. I then decided to film had appeared in the TV Guide Channel 5 i was that day and I knew erotic thriller just turned welcomed the sight of two naked bodies. To be honest, my bottle and I was turned down imediatly to him, his mother asked me if I was gay. 'No,' he said, and she laughed and asked why I was turned back. He just told me it auntmia was a little graphic and I was not auntmia sure she loves him. She just smiled and said he would return in an instant. Through fel knowta prat well as my pathetic plan had failed, but soon proved to be wrong on that, auntmia holding a DVD. ' You think auntmia you can do it,' and showed me the DVD that auntmia was hardcore pornography. I gulped and said, 'you know, 'Oh God, I could not believe what is happening there. I was about porn with a sexy woman I've been masturbating for the past 5 years observed. My heart pounded as she put it on and sat on the couch next to me. After about 2 minutes of what I was rock hard and I did't try, either as I know he wanted to hide what I wanted. She took my hand and whispered to me that what happened that night would be tonight. I could not believe what happened when I worked on my trembling hand auntmia on his inner thigh and slowly increase it until her white panties soaked. I started to rub and felt as excited when he opened his fly and took my hard cock. I was so hot that it took over and put my hand on his head beforepushed her head toward my cock. She wasted no time and sucked me hard and know-how, I just could not keep up when I was asked to cum in her mouth and let my creamy sauce to shoot in the back of your throat. I had just cum, but I was not over, as imediatly lifted her skirt and buried my face in her pussy swollen. I licked and fingers as she grabbed my hair with enthusiasm before the climax and the release of their love juices on my tongue. Meanwhile, I was rock hard again and she got up and leaned over the couch. I walked behind her and started shaving her pussy while she moaned and slid back on my throbbing cock. I started to fuck her hard and she moaned even more. Then he asked me what I was doing the ass too, until I was disappointed 'take the cock and slide it up my tight ass ' in his own words, I lovin it and promptly obeyed her request fingers. I was deeply and pushed it hard, if I ever started to climax, auntmia iI asked him what he wanted and told me to remove it. I did. Then she told me that I wanted to cum on her tits and face. That made me want to explode, with a few confident in my hand I shot my cum over her like her chin and drip on her big tits. So, I have a shower and I thought, auntmia as I see sleep in his sisters, his way of life was extinguished, but 2 in the morning I woke up in the feeling that someone was at my side. I opened my eyes and saw his sister lying on her panties. 'Unfortunately,' he said, ' Your mother said it was fine coz we were left out,' looked at me with glassy eyes and kissed me. WOW. I smiled and continued cheekly to fuck his brains out. Oh, what a night.
Par auntmiayt
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Mercredi 16 mai 3 16 /05 /Mai 05:51

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